Alp League

The Alp League is the Swiss National Competition (indoor korfball).

Competition: 2020 – 2021


18 April in Basel, 29 May in Z├╝rich, and 26 June in Lausanne.

Latest results:

2018 – Korfball Club Zurich Winner Alp competition

Rules & regulations Alp League

To be announced.

National team

The Swiss National team consists of members of all clubs of Switzerland and players holding a Swiss passport across the world. Switzerland is per end of 2020 ranked #36 on the IKF World Ranking (link to full list). In 2019, the national team qualified for participation in the European Korfball Championship B, planned to be held in October 2021 in Poland (more info here).

Swiss Korfball is member of the International Korfball Federation.

International Korfball Federation & Global korfball news, events & formal documents: and

Check out this link for instruction videos on korfball,

which were developed as part of an Erasmus+ project by IKF in collaboration with international korfball federations, including Swiss Korfball.