Training sessions in June in Bern!

Two korfball training sessions will be organized in Bern on 21 and 28 June. At these Mondays, trainers from other clubs will give a training for all interested.

So if you are a korfball player in the region Bern, or if you would like to try out this new sport, please join us. Experienced players AND people trying this fun sport for the first time are both welcome! More information can be found at the Facebook page of Korfball Bern, and the latest news regarding the events can be found here. We are looking forward to meeting you there.

Update Erasmus+ project

On Saturday 08.05.2021, we had our Erasmus+ meeting, which was hosted by the international korfball federation (IKF). The Erasmus+ project helps us spread the korfball love throughout Switzerland even more, so we as Swiss Korfball can grow and let as many people as possible know about our awesome sport!

All three korfball clubs were represented at the meeting: Geert from Lausanne, Vasileios from Basel, and Louise from Zurich. Of course, it was online due to COVID-19, but it was great seeing and talking to our colleagues from France, the Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, and Wales again!

We got some great new ideas on how to get korfball in Switzerland growing from baby shoes right now to perhaps 10-year-old shoes in 2023 and beyond! End of August, our next Erasmus+ meeting takes us to Ukraine (if the situation allows it of course) to have some live sessions, workshops, courses, and continue learning from each other.

Geert, Vasileios, Louise
“Korfball. Together, everywhere, everybody.”

Korfball in Switzerland now —————– Korfball in Switzerland in 2024 (?)
Swiss Korfball partner of IKF for Erasmus+

Last year, Swiss Korfball worked with the IKF on the development of training material. This resulted in a training manual with a variety of instruction videos on basic korfball techniques such as the long-distance shot

These projects are great opportunities for Swiss Korfball to participate in the international development of the sport as well as to build connections with the IKF and other countries. We are therefore pleased to be selected again to partner with the International Korfball Federation (IKF) for a new Erasmus+ project. Erasmus+ is a program from the European Union that finances the development of sport (besides many other things). Switzerland is 1 of the 6 partner countries of the IKF for a program on Youth Korfball Development. Our contribution includes the participation in developing material to support youth korfball internationally. Furthermore, we will organize a Youth Korfball Activity in Switzerland towards the end of 2021.

Louise Otterman (Zürich) and Geert Hendriks (Lausanne) will represent Swiss Korfball in this program, including 3 workshops that will be held (COVID allowing) in France (May), Poland (July) and Ukraine (November). We have the option to include a 3rd person from Swiss Korfball. If you are interested to find out more, contact Geert. For more information, see the IKF website.

COVID-19 update, March/April 2021

The current situation in Switzerland regarding COVID-19 is slowly improving, which makes us hopeful we can play the Swiss Alp League later this spring, but unfortunately, we have to postpone the start a bit longer. We are now aiming to organize the national competition as a one-day tournament on 26 June in Lausanne, where we hope to find the Swiss National Champion Korfball 2020-2021. Your local club will keep you informed when training is allowed to resume in your city.

In addition, the selection for the national team was postponed to 21/22 August, all eligible players have been informed. We hope we will be able to high-five soon again, like we did in Lviv when we qualified for the European Championship (picture).

We hope to play korfball again soon!

General Assembly Meeting (AGM)

On 5 February, we held this year’s Swiss Korfball AGM virtually. All clubs participated with two or three delegates from their committee. A few key things have happened during the AGM that we would like to share with all korfballers in Switzerland. First of all, Gian Reto and Renate have left the Swiss Korfball board – from this place another big thanks for all your efforts! Kerim joined the Swiss Korfball board as our new treasurer and he already has many great ideas on how to move our federation forward. Welcome Kerim to the Swiss Korfball board!

We have made the honorary membership of our national team coach Matthias Friedel official. He has been involved with Swiss Korfball from the start and he showed great commitment traveling to train us. He has been key in the development of our vision 2023, selection policy, and other development plans. Congratulations again and we look forward to continue working with you.

We also have updated our statutes, with as main change the translation from French to English (so all of us understand) and the change of the financial year from calendar year to match the sport season. This means we will already plan the next AGM in Autumn 2021.

Lastly, we have looked back at all the amazing activities we have done in
2020 – despite COVID-19. We are truly proud of all that we are
achieving and the spirit among those that were present.

COVID-19 update, Feb 2021

The current situation in Switzerland regarding COVID-19 is unfortunately not improving enough to allow us to hold the Swiss Alp League on the planned dates in the first months of 2021. Therefore, the start of the Swiss Alp League has been postponed to 18 April in Basel, making the previously mentioned dates limited to option 2 or option 3 (see below).

Your local club will keep you informed when the trainings are allowed to resume, and after at least one full month of training we will start the Swiss Alp League to find the national champion 2020-2021.

We are looking forward to playing korfball again, which we hope will be soon!

Check out these korfball instruction videos

Swiss Korfball is proud that we were one of the collaborators of an Erasmus+ 2020 project that aimed to develop the IKF Level I and Level II Coach Course handbooks. We thank Jet and especially Geert for their contributions to this project. Part of the handbook are very interesting korfball instruction videos, which you can find here. The videos have been produced with the help of the Dutch korfball club PKC, the Dutch national team, commentator Tom Brady and Grinta Media. We hope that this video material will be utilized by not only the Swiss korfball clubs, but also the global korfball community in the years to come. You can find more info here.

Swiss Korfball wishes you a healthy and sportive 2021!

We hope to start playing korfball and training again very soon. Unfortunately, the planned events of January and February have been cancelled due to the current situation regarding COVID-19. We follow all national and local guidelines. Your local club will keep you informed if/when the trainings are allowed to resume, and after at least one full month of training we will start the Swiss Alp League to find the national champion 2020-2021.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays

COVID-19 update, Dec 2020

The current situation in Switzerland regarding COVID-19 is unfortunately not allowing us to hold the Swiss Alp League on the planned dates in January, February, and March 2021. In consultation with the club presidents and the Swiss Alp League taskforce, there are alternative plans that will be pursued. We have chosen to keep the current planned dates of korfball events and prioritize the Swiss Alp League over the other planned events, giving us three options:

  • Option 1: 13 March in Lausanne, 18 April in Basel, 29 May in Zürich.
    The decision will be taken early February. Criteria: Clubs are able to train fully for a month (i.e. from 13.02 onward) and we are allowed to play games between clubs in all cantons.
  • Option 2: 18 April in Basel, 29 May in Zürich, 26 June in Lausanne.
    The decision will be taken early March. Criteria: Clubs are able to train fully for a full month (i.e. from 18.03 onward) and we are allowed to play games between clubs in all cantons.
  • Option 3: A one-day tournament on either 29 May in Zürich or on 26 June in Lausanne.

Clubs are encouraged to organize a Match Day instead should there be a possibility to do so on shorter notice in the months of January and February on the previously planned dates. We hope that we can continue the current level of growth end enthusiasm for korfball in Switzerland, and will do everything possible within the boundaries of COVID-19 to keep korfball going.

Note: the selections for the national team still occur in the weekend of 17/18 April, irrespective of the other activities planned in the same weekend.

COVID-19 update, Nov 2020

In response to the current situation, Swiss Korfball has produced a national policy which is applicable to all korfball activities that are taking place in Switzerland. Download and read the policy here (only available in German).

Additionally, Korfball Club Zürich have produced a procedure under which indoor korfball training sessions are able to resume. Download and read the procedure here.

Our national team qualifies for the European Korfball Championship B!

November 2019
Last month, the Swiss national team played at the qualification tournament for the IKF European Korfball Championship (EKC) in Lviv, Ukraine. With 14 players, and under the guidance of trainer Matthias Friedel and team manager Sylvain Gfeller, we won against opponents Armenia and Greece in pool B, followed by another win in the semi-final against Ukraine, which resulted in a ticket for the EKC B in October in Poland! More info on the tournament can be found via this link, and if you cannot get enough of watching (of haven’t seen them yet), you can find the matches of Switzerland against Armenia, Greece, the semi-final against host country Ukraine, and the final against Turkey in the links. Congratulations to the whole team, and also to Jet Bosma, who was awarded the most valuable female player award of the tournament! You all made us very proud! We are looking forward to the EKC, which will be held from 5-10 October 2020 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Update 2020: the EKC has been postponed to 4-9 October 2021. More information can be found via the IKF website.