Swiss National Korfball Team 2022:
Anouk, Matthias, Tom, Rainier, Julien, Daan, Laurence, Vasilis, Sam, Carra, Ben.
Lieke, Ineke, Afke, Louise, Jitte, Jet, Juliette, Fabienne.

The Swiss national team korfball consists of selected members of all clubs of Switzerland and players holding a Swiss passport across the world. Switzerland on the IKF World Ranking (link to full list) is improving:
#24(+5) as per end of 2023,
#29(+10) as per end of 2022,
#39(-3) as per end of 2021,
#36(+1) as per end of 2020,
#37(-3) as per end of 2019,
#34 (+19) as per end of 2018,
#53 (=) as per end of 2017, before our first appearance on the international stage.

Next on the horizon: IKF European Korfball Championships (EKC B 2024) in Turkiye on 14 – 19 October 2024.

Swiss National Korfball Team 2022 at the Qualifiers in Turkiye.

Road to Chinese Taipei: World Korfball Championship 2023 in Chinese Taipei – not qualified, despite our best ever result at the IKF European World Korfball Qualifiers. More details on our road to Chinese Taipei: pdf.

Participation of the Swiss national team in past tournaments:

2022, IKF EU World Korfball Championship Qualifier B 2022, November 2022, in Antalya, Turkiye (more info on the tournament and the results).

Swiss National Korfball Team 2022:
Sam, Vasilis,
Carra, Jitte,
Matthias, Laurence, Ben, Daan, Anouk,
Juliette, Ineke, Tom, Fabienne, Lieke,
Rainier, Afke,
Jet, Louise.
Team member but missing in the picture: Julien.

2021, IKF European Korfball Championship B, October 2021, in Wroclaw, Poland (more info on the tournament and the results).

Swiss National Korfball Team 2021:
Estelle, Afke, Anouk, Juliette, Jet.
Matthias, Lieke, Andy, Leah, Fabienne, Tom, Carra, Ben.
Rainier, Laurence, Daan, Sam, Gian Reto.

2019, Qualification for participation in the IKF European Korfball Championship B (IKF EKC First Round), November 2019, Lviv, Ukraine (more info on the tournament and the results).

2018, IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe), August 2018, Blankenberge, Belgium (more info on IKF website)

2017, First appearance at an international tournament: IKF European Korfball Championship First Round, October 2017, Budapest, Hungary (more info on the tournament and the results).

Swiss National Korfball Team 2021.

Swiss U15 National Korfball Team 2023:
Alain Gfeller, Guillaume Nijenhuis, Parice Gfeller, Romain Nijenhuis, Aaliyah Gfeller,
Coach: Julliette Nijenhuis & Team managers Gwendolyn & Juanita.

Participation of the Swiss U15 national team in past tournaments:

2023, IKF U15 European Korfball Championship 2023, July 2023, in Dunakeszi, Hungary (more info on the tournament and the results).

Swiss Korfball is member of the International Korfball Federation.

International Korfball Federation & Global korfball news, events & formal documents: and

Check out this link for instruction videos on korfball,

which were developed as part of an Erasmus+ project by IKF in collaboration with international korfball federations, including Swiss Korfball.