Korfball is a mixed-gender sport by design, requiring an even number of men and women on a team. It has some similarities to other team ball sports such as basketball, handball, korbball and netball. However, certain restrictions on moving with the ball and defending make it a very tactical, fast-paced sport. It's also highly sociable and a lot of fun!

Korfball is played on a court consisting of two halves, with a korf (basket) roughly in the middle of each half. Each team consists of four men and four women, split evenly between the two halves of the court. Whilst one end attacks, the other defends, until two goals are scored and the sides switch! This gives everyone the opportunity to play in every position.

    You cannot walk or dribble with the ball, instead the ball is moved around the court solely through passing between teammates.
    You can shoot from anywhere within your half, however, only if you are not currently being defended.
    You are defended if a player of the other team is between you and the post, actively defending and within arms reach.
    Men can only defend men and women can only defend women.
    Korfball is a non-contact sport.